Inspired Apartment: Bookshelves

26 Mar



I love a beautiful bookshelf. It took me a while to figure out how to adorn these two bookshelves I own, considering I don’t even have enough books to completely fill just one of them. I’m more of a magazine girl…but I do always purchase books that interest me with the best intentions of reading them. Then life enters the picture and the books end up staying shelved. So I decorated their shelves with pretty pieces that make for good company. If you have a bookshelf to fill, consider using it as art…rather than just a storage space and a dust-collector. Here are some things I realized as I filled my bookshelves:

1. It’s all about balance. Pay attention to the heights of the objects on each shelf and try to balance them out so they will be more aesthetically pleasing. If you need to add height, stack a few books and put an object on top of them, as I did on the turquoise bookshelf. Also, I have three objects on most of the shelves.

2. Color your bookshelf cute! I painted both of these bookshelves…they were originally that ugly light pine color, which made them look as cheap as they were. (not true because they were actually free…found on sides of roads sitting out for the trashman and taking up space in my sister’s storage unit)

3. Think outside of the bookshelf. I have a little clock that I decided would look interesting when placed a little right of center in my row of books. I found a sweet little bird that really adds some whimsy to my bookshelf. Interesting vases, oil diffusers, coordinating-but-not-matching picture frames, little boxes and bowls for knick knacks, big boxes to balance out the shelves and provide extra storage…the options are endless!

4. Do be a bit of a librarian. Organize your books in a way that is pleasing to you. For me, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Dewey Decimal System. Rather, it’s all about how they look: the size, the color, the titles. I’m not one for organizing them all by height…I think they look more interesting and give a more lived-in and cozy feel when they’re organized, but not too organized. (I also don’t have a ton of books though…if you do, you might put more consideration into organizing them by size because they could overtake your bookshelf if not!)

5. If you create a beautiful bookshelf, people will stop to eye it up & down…so do put your most fabulous photos on display. It really personalizes shelves filled with other people’s names. ;)

My bookshelves are two anchors in my apartment that offer a lot of personality and prettiness. Even for a magazine girl. :)


Button Me Up

23 Mar

do look down.

Because if you don’t, you’ll miss my sweet feet! And you don’t want to do that because these shoes are too cute to miss. But so is this sophisticated, silk button up when it’s worn casually–half tucked in, half untucked–it’s like the top is saying, “I’m a classic. But look how laid-back I am too.” It’s the girl next door of tops. And who doesn’t love the girl next door? I also adore the color; it’s such a great shade of blue. Yes, this outfit is the perfect go-to for a Saturday afternoon spent doing…well, anything!

Top: Forever21

Skinny Jeans: Ross

Heels: Forever21

Weekend Warrior

22 Mar

I love a little surprise. This pop of bright orange with a tight black & nude striped skirt is definitely a surprise. Even to me. I would normally pair this skirt with a nude shirt to coordinate with the stripes, but somehow I ended up going with this delightful orange shirt, and it made such a stellar outfit. It was such an unexpected choice and I adored it!

This weekend was devoted to my friend Amanda and her bachelorette party. We had a great time! Here are all the stylish bridesmaids prior to our Friday night outing:

And then there was the rodeo! Here’s a picture of Amanda & I before the Rodeo on Saturday night:

My favorite thing about the weekend was having so many girly girls in one room all weekend. Everyone was into make-up and hair and was rocking cute outfits. So fun!


13 Mar

SXSW has begun!

And boyfriend being part of the local film scene is getting me into some fun parties. I’ll never turn down an invitation to free food & drinks! (or the chance to bump into Drew Barrymore…I know she usually heads our way this time of year! ;) This is also such a fun week of fashion. The locals are putting their hippest foot forward when they step out to these SXSW events because there are so many out-of-towners here giving us a run for our money! I’ve met a lot of people from L.A. this weekend who definitely have their own style thing going. So in addition to a music & movie fest, this week is also pretty much a free fashion show. Just walk down any street in downtown Austin this week & you’ll see what I mean–it’s a parade of interesting styles. Love it. This is what I wore to a few parties we went to this weekend. I was photographed a few times so I guess at least one person thought I was part of the fashion parade! I’m hoping I can find those party pictures online to share soon.

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Forever21

Skirt: Forever21

Belt: Forever21

**all purchased at different times…but they sure do go well together!

Boots: Steve Madden

Spring Forward

12 Mar

Spring has arrived!

I mean, maybe not officially, but as far as I’m concerned–it’s here! We’re being graced with more light in our days after the time changes tonight, SXSW is going on in Austin, and the weather is perfect. Thank you for showing up, Spring! What took you so long?!

To me, nothing says Spring more than sweet little trench coats and floral prints. The days are warm, but also just breezy enough that you need a little something to cover your pretty Spring dresses. If you’re putting away your Winter coat (and in Texas, you are!) then you can reach for an adorable lightweight trench coat to keep you warm when the wind blows your way. Above are some examples of how I’ve been rocking the trench coat trend for Spring. I tend to wear mine more as flouncy dresses. I love to button em up & leave people wondering if I’ve got anything on underneath or if I was just in a big hurry that morning. :) And as for the floral prints? What could better represent the start of the season during which the earth comes back to life and the flowers bloom?! The floral prints are pretty on the trench and even prettier on my feet! And I will be wearing them all season long. Happy Spring.

Trench 1: Strut

Trench 2: by Tulle

Boots: Steve Madden

Floral Print Heels: Forever21

Go Jeans Go!

5 Mar

Lacy, not racy.

I have several versions of a lacy white shirt. But I feel like all of them have merely been attempting to be this one. I love the length of the sleeves, the sheerness, the delicate pattern & the fact that it’s fitted & not flowy–like most of the tops I’ve found of this nature. In other words, I’ve finally found my perfect white lacy top! Now all of my look-alikes will be pushed to the back of my closet because this is the one. ;) yay!

I put this outfit on to head to South Congress for some music at the Continental Club and drinks at The San Jose. Boyfriend expressed his surprise at my not choosing a dress or skirt, saying that this outfit was more “subtle.” And this outfit is kind of subtle, but so is my style. I don’t want to scream “Look how stylish I am!” I just want to wear what I like, pull it all together with my own personal touches, and subtly show off who I am through my style. You might have to look closely, but I think you can definitely see it. :) And you know what else? This outfit was comfortable. Which made this fun-filled Friday night even more fun, because I didn’t once complain about my feet hurting. Or have to adjust my dress or take ten minutes to pee because I had to peel off my tights. I really do think that my comfort level contributed to this being one of the funnest nights out I’ve had in a while. Go jeans go! :)

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever21

Jeans: Ross

Clutch: TJ Maxx

Oxfords: Forever21

Cloudy With A Chance Of Vintage

27 Feb

When you step outside into a cloudy and mist filled day, what do you think of?

Some people probably think “crap” as they realize that some of their outdoor plans may have to wait. Most people probably think “remember to bring the umbrella.” I think something more along the lines of “what can I wear that will compliment this weather?”

I love an unexpectedly misty, cool day. One of those days where the clouds hang ominously low and the sky colors everything a little darker, a little more mysterious. One of those days where you can smell the earth and see the leaves slowly twirl through the gray sky as the cool wind shakes them loose from the trees. That first step out into a day like that and that first breath of air heavy with the threat of rain, always give a sense of peaceful tranquility. It’s like the world is waiting for the sky to open up, which it may or may not do. So we will all wait too, to see what this mystical day is going to bring.

And I can’t think of anything more perfect to wear on an artful day like this, than vintage or classic clothes that are also like works of art. Bright lips + powerfully pale pink fingernails (the color is called MOD about you…so it definitely evokes that mod feel) + a sleek bun + silky, feminine fabrics and prints + lots of jewelry=how I do vintage with only a few items actually being vintage. It’s like the weather: is it going to rain or is it just a facade? Am I really wearing vintage clothing or am I just pulling off a vintage look? Tricky, tricky! ;)

The one item I will divulge is a vintage piece is the snake ring, which I purchased on the day I was wearing this outfit. It was the perfect addition. I found it at Big Bertha’s, which is a lovely vintage shop with the most interesting owner. (He complimented my top and my sunglasses and asked if they were vintage, which means that maybe this look does indeed pull off the vintage feel I was going for! yay)

Here’s a better look:

love. love. love.

Cajun Shrimp

24 Feb

swingy black dress + cozy striped sweater + skinny belt to top it all off= what I wore. accessories? add bright orangey-red nails to lend a pop of color to a cute neutral outfit.

Outfit Details:

Dress–vintage, bought at Beacon’s Closet in NYC

Sweater–Ross, $8

Belt–Zara, part of a dress that was a gift from boyfriend!

Boots–Steve Madden, $65

Nail Polish–OPI Cajun Shrimp


I wore this outfit to go visit my boyfriend on the set of a project he’s producing. It was perfect for what I was feeling: something a little hip, but comfortable and flattering. The next time you’re looking for that trio of adjectives for your outfit, try a dress, sweater & skinny belt combo.

*Adding the belt makes it the perfect opportunity to wear those cozy, oversized pieces you own because it gives them some definition. (this outfit without the belt=i looked like i had no shape! except baggy, if baggy can count as a shape.)

Like a Rolling Stone

17 Feb


It’s another lazy afternoon & boyfriend & I are getting ready to go see Biutiful and then grab dinner with some friends. I’m sleepy and slightly out of it from the previous night’s festivities, so I throw out an idea: “Hey, why don’t you pick out my outfit today?” I’m expecting a long groan and a refusal…but boyfriend surprises me with an “Alright!” So he digs through my closet and pulls out my coolest t-shirt, which belonged to my dad in his skinny man days. It’s a vintage Rolling Stones t-shirt and I love it. Then he pairs it with my light gray blazer, which is the perfect compliment to the t-shirt, and suddenly I have a cool outfit on with absolutely no effort! I was surprised he put me in more masculine pieces, rather than a little dress or something… Turns out guys prefer their chicks to look hip rather than girly, which is perfect for me because this was certainly more comfortable– and appropriate– for our casual afternoon than a dress/tights/heels/etc combo I would’ve likely tried to pull off. Good job boyfriend! I think I’ll keep him around ;)

I picked out his outfit too. Lovin’ the gray jeans & this embroidered shirt. (we were unintentionally color coordinated, too! love it when that happens ;)

la boite

16 Feb

brie, honey, arugula, and walnut sandwich. almond milk latte. chipotle chocolate macaron.

did you just die and go to heaven, too?

If so, then you are a girl after my own…um, stomach. I love spending a sunny day at one of the many cute food trailers around town. If you want to check out one that has a french flair and good coffee, try La Boite. South Lamar. Take a book (or in my case, a magazine…) and enjoy a sit in the sun with your yummy food. Not too many places around town have almond milk available so that is one other great thing about this place. It’s not quite as tasty as my typical soy latte, but it’s oh-so-much healthier…which means I can get a little macaron too. ;)

Now for the Outfit Details:

Sweater: Ross, $9

Leggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, $10

Boots: Steve Madden, $65

Owl Necklace: Forever21, $7–don’t you just adore this necklace?

This was a delightfully comfortable outfit…it felt the same as if I were wearing sweatpants & a t-shirt….but I wasn’t. Try pairing leggings with a long sweater & some boots next time you’re leaning toward throwing on your gym clothes outside of the gym. No makeup? Hair a little less than fresh? Feeling a little too bloated from a full weekend to fit into your skinnies? No problem! Just throw on the leggings and add a high bun and a pair of big sunglasses and you’ve got my lazy girl’s recipe for still looking cute, even when feeling a little less than cute. :)

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